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The eagerness to learn, to lead, and to be led are all factors that make up the amazing team of committed individuals at Aerotec. At Aerotec, LLC we view each employee as an important member of our team. Aerotec, LLC continues to be successful because we consider each person to be a key contributor to the success of the company.

If you feel that you are a candidate to join the Aerotec team, please send your resume to:

Aerotec is an airborne remote sensing company specializing in providing 3D engineering models/data for several major industry groups, including (but not limited to):
1. Electric power transmission
a. Line routing & design (to include line rating/re-rating)
b. Right-of-way vegetation management
c. Facilities inventory
d. Airborne inspection
2. Transportation
a. Highways
b. Railroads
c. Airports (including military airfields)
d. Waterways
3. Pipeline
a. Surface mapping
b. Sub-surface mapping/leak detection
4. Land Development
a. Large industrial sites
b. Golf resorts/courses
c. Surface mining
5. Military
a. Military airfield obstruction assessment
b. US Army Battlefield Robot Vision Research

Currently, Aerotec is seeking to employ the following skilled personnel:

Types of Individuals
1. Undergraduate Coop Students
2. Graduate Coop Students
3. Full-time Employees (college graduates/BS or MS degree)
4. Individuals with practical industry-experience

Courses of Study:
1. Forestry
2. Geographical Information Systems
3. Mechanical Engineering
4. Civil Engineering
5. Electrical Engineering
6. Aerospace Engineering
7. Geomatics Engineering
8. Applied Mathematics

Positions Available:

1) Field Support Crew Member / Instrument Operator

Job Summary:

This position is responsible for supporting airborne laser-scanning data capture operations and collecting various types of digital survey data in the field. Training is on-the-job. Various support tasks to be performed may also include:

a. Processing GPS data

b. QA/QC of LiDAR / Digital imagery (Field check)

c. Representing Aerotec as a field sales/operations support person in the field operations environment.

Job Requirements:

  • Possess a high-school education or higher. Field experience in land surveying is very desirable, but not required
  • Able to travel frequently throughout North America and for extended periods of time


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